Thursday, March 15, 2018

Black Ruffles

Hello (or guten tag!) from Germany. For those who don't know, in January I was offered a short term assignment on one of our alliance teams in Ingelheim, Germany. I am living in Wiesbaden, about 25-30 minutes south of Frankfurt, and will be here until September. It has been busy switching jobs, packing, and moving, but I'm excited to get back in the swing of regular blog posts. I'm getting settled...I have a little apartment, a company car, and am looking forward to taking advantage of summer in Europe! But one thing I don't have with me here is my husband or pup. 

Although I jumped at the opportunity for an international assignment (after talking it over with JR, of course!), I knew it would be hard to leave home. JR and I are still newlyweds and were looking forward to spending our one-year anniversary together. We also attended NINE other weddings last year, which didn't leave a lot of extra vacation time (or money) for ourselves. We were so excited to spend the summer doing some things for ourselves before we start thinking about starting a family. But the opportunity to work internationally and live in Europe was too good to pass up. I'm so lucky to have such a loving and supportive husband who also fully appreciates the opportunity and the fact that my career is very important to me (maybe because he also knew it would also mean free rein to play as much golf as he wants all summer, but who's counting).

I knew it would be hard to be away from home, but I've always been pretty independent. I've traveled by myself quite a bit, and have moved to new cities alone. But as a new wife, being away from your husband is definitely the hardest thing I've done so far, especially with us both working full time and a 5-hour time difference. Not to be misleading...JR has been amazing -- he's taking care of the house and Ruby (his adopted pup-daughter, whom I miss SO much) and has been so great at talking and communicating and cheering me up when I'm homesick. Not once has he held this decision against me in even the tiniest way. 

What has been hardest for me to deal with is some of the (self-inflicted) guilt of leaving my little family and simply missing my husband. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, right? I know this experience will teach me so much, but most of all, it has already started to teach me how much I truly love and appreciate my hubs. Dare I say I even miss seeing his dirty coffee cups sitting in the sink? You're right. Too far. But I miss so much about him and about our life together with our sweet girl Ruby Louise. Which makes me appreciate it all even more. 

JR is coming to visit in April for our 1-year anniversary. Although we won't be able to spend the actual anniversary date together, I'm so excited to experience a new city with him. I'll definitely be taking this little ruffle suspender jumpsuit, even though JR isn't a fan...because it's Europe. And I'll wear what I want. But aside from that, I'll eat wherever he wants to eat and I'll go wherever he wants to go because I'll just be happy to have him near me again. Until I want a burger and he wants pizza. Then we'll get a burger. #marriage #thegreatest #nosarcasm #reallythegreatest #happyheart 

Photography: Anna Papazian

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