Monday, February 19, 2018

Spring Tweed

I hope everyone has been enjoying 2018! It seems like just yesterday I was writing about the new year, now here we are, weeks away from March. We have had some exciting developments in the Renbarger household over these past few weeks...I am moving to Germany!

I have been working in brand management in oncology for almost three years. The time had come to start looking for new roles (within my same company) and an opportunity for a short-term assignment in Germany popped up! We have an alliance with another company which is headquartered in Germany, so I will be representing my company on the joint marketing team. It is a 6-month assignment, and I will be back in the United States in September. 

When the opportunity arose, JR was immediately supportive. Truthfully, I think he was a little bummed wondering how he would fill his time over the next six months, until I reminded him that he will have free reign to golf all summer. That lifted his spirits pretty quickly. 

This opportunity forced us to have a lot of conversations about household roles, career aspirations, and family planning. Ultimately, the timing was great for us. And although JR doesn't have the flexibility to work remotely and relocate with me, my company will fly him back and forth a few times while I'm there. It was honestly really refreshing and motivating to start thinking about the future and have some upfront conversations about our careers and the give-and-take. We both have a strong work ethic and strong identities tied to our personal successes and accomplishments. I know a time will come when I will have to make a sacrifice for JR's career...but I'm just happy we are able to have those conversations and support each other throughout all highs and lows. I am so happy that we are confident in our relationship and see this as an exciting opportunity and a chance to grow both individually and in our roles as husband and wife. We know there will be rough days, but are excited for what this adventure means for both of us (part of which involves celebrating our 1-year anniversary in Europe!).

Needless to say, I am very excited for some European shopping this summer, but I have also been trying to order some things before I leave. I picked up this little tweed jacket this weekend -- perfect for spring and it can be dressed up for work or down for a casual day out. It's also currently 40% off!

More to come on the German adventure very soon. Well wishes for safe travels are greatly appreciated. 

Photography: Anna Papazian
 tweed jacket: Ann Taylor // sunglasses: Karen Walker // bag: Elizabeth and James

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