Friday, December 8, 2017

Holiday Firsts with Pyrex

JR and I moved into our first home almost exactly one year ago. It has been a year filled with many firsts: our first moments as husband and wife, our first real vacation just the two of us, and our first holidays spent creating our own traditions. Although we were technically in this house over Christmas last year, we were still getting settled and pulling our home together. So this year definitely feels special to be celebrating our first Christmas as husband and wife in a home that we've made ours.

Many of the traditions that we are creating, as well as the traditions that our families hold, center around food. It has been so fun for me to begin to contribute to the family meals, rather than just show up and let the "adults" cook. This past Thanksgiving was the first where I had specific items to bring along to each family meal (both JR's and mine). I'm excited to do the same for Christmas. Cooking and sharing and traveling has been made easier for me (as a first-timer) with Pyrex.

Note: This is a sponsored post by Pyrex. All opinions expressed are my own. 

When I think back to helping my mom with some of the recipes I've been working to recreate myself, certain images come to mind. Isn't it funny how you remember a specific measuring cup your mom used, or a casserole dish that your Grandma loved? For me, I remember my mom's big glass mixing bowls. She was always a fan of glassware, so naturally, I've followed suit. 

I've always been a huge fan of Pyrex and was super excited when I was approached about sharing some of my holiday firsts. I have an entire cabinet full of Pyrex storage dishes that I use every single week to take lunches to work (no plastic for me). As I've started cooking and baking more this holiday season, I've grown to love my Pyrex Oval Dishes, Pyrex Measuring Cup, and my Pyrex Portables Baking Dish and Carrier
The portable baking dish and carrier have been a lifesaver; I'm always running out the door with a million things in my hands and it's not easy to balance a hot casserole on top (which is what I used to do). This year, I took my green bean casserole out of the oven, put it right in the insulated carrier, and my casserole was still warm when we arrived at JR's grandma's house almost an hour later. 

If you look really closely in the picture above, you'll see some leftover casserole in my Pyrex storage dishes. I'm not kidding when I say I use these things all of the time. I've had my own little stash for years...way before Pyrex and I partnered on this post. I feel so much better about saving food and warming it up in glass dishes rather than plastic.

As you can see, one facet of this holiday season that has been incredibly special is contributing to family meals with some old with love and sharing it with Pyrex. But a completely new side to holidays now that JR and I are married is creating our own traditions in our own home. 

We got our tree the day after Thanksgiving (a typical Foster family tradition), but it sat for a day before I got around to decorating. On Saturday evening, I decided to make a batch of cookies, turn on some Christmas music, and get the house ready for December 25th. I was in heaven.

Last year, it was a bit of a struggle to find our Christmas ornaments and decorations amidst the boxes, and get everything in order enough to enjoy a clean, quiet, cozy night by the tree. This year, while not the first holiday season in this house, is the first year we celebrate Christmas as husband and wife, and with that, we can start our own family traditions. One of which will always be baking cookies, decorating the tree, and cozying up to a Christmas movie the weekend after Thanksgiving. 

In the past year, JR and I have done a lot. I'm excited for more "firsts" to come...which hopefully someday include pulling out my own glass mixing bowls to bake cookies or casseroles with our own little ones. Until then, I'll keep working on perfecting family and old. 

Photography: Anna Papazian


  1. Love this! Happy first Christmas as hubby and wife. XO - Ali Wren

  2. I prefer using glass storage containers as well! Pyrex are my favorite! Especially the large bowls with lids! Also, the photos for this post turned out beautifully! Happy Christmas to you and the hubs Abby!

    XO Kelli

  3. Love this post, Abby! I am a big fan of Pyrex and definitely need that carrying case!!

    Kate |

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    1. The dishes are so cute! I had never heard of Pyrex before but I definitely need to give them a try. I'm a new wife as well and I think these are a great way to spruce up our home :) Thanks for sharing. Great post!

  6. I think next year will be our year of firsts, but this is super precious! I love pyrex so much! At work the woman cleaning out the fridge was going to throw the whole container away and I literally screamed out loud and calmly asked her what she was doing! I dumped it and cleaned it and now I use it all the time!

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