Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Sweater Weather

What happened to fall in Indiana? Fall is arguably the best season in the Midwest, but always seems to be the shortest. This year feels especially short. It seems like we jumped straight from 85 and sunny to 40 and chilly. We didn't have much time for jeans and tees and light jackets, but I have enjoyed cozying up in some chunky knit sweaters.
I'm pretty hard on my sweaters in the winter. I tend to wear my favorites over and over. I pull at the sleeves to cover my hands when they're cold; I'm up and down at work all day; and I layer on scarves. My sweaters tend to pill and wear easily if I'm not picky about the quality and fabric. I've been really excited about some Free People styles recently because they have a lot of nice, heavy cotton blends. It's still up for debate how well they'll wear, but I'm more optimistic than with some other brands I tried out last year. 

While I am sad to say goodbye to warm temperatures and nights when the sun is still out at 9:00 pm, I always look forward to the changing of the seasons. Halloween is almost over (I'm typing this post after all of the trick-or-treaters have gone in), and although it seems absolutely crazy that we're about to welcome November, I'm excited for Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday) and the Christmas season. More nighttime fires, more cozy sweaters, and more snuggles with the pup. What are you most looking forward to this holiday season?!

P.S. My booties are an old Forever 21 find. I snagged them a few years ago for under $40 and they've held up well. They continue to be a favorite year after year; I'm still hopeful they'll bring back a similar style one of these days!

Photography: Anna Papazian

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