Tuesday, August 1, 2017


I admire so many bloggers out there. I am very much a self-proclaimed, wannabe stlye-blogger (and consequently, very grateful to have you following along). I wish I had the style and knack for blogging that I see out there from some of my favorites. And while I also strongly admire those who quit their jobs and pursue their blogs as businesses, I'm so very fortunate to have a full-time job that I genuinely love and that affords me a life to where I can dip my toe in the blogging pool.
After graduating with my MBA, I chose to pursue a career in brand management with a pharmaceutical firm. On a daily basis, I have the privilege of hearing, and working to empower, the voices of patients and caregivers battling stage 4 cancers. There are times when I struggle with my day-to-day, wondering if I'm really doing all I can to impact the lives of the people who our medicines help. There are so many "big pharma" skeptics, and when I get caught up in the world of corporate policy and procedure, it's hard not to become one myself. But then I hear a story of patient whose life was lengthened in part due to the work we do, and it brings me back to why I wanted to work in healthcare. I wanted to work for a company with a larger mission...a larger vision of helping people live longer, healthier lives. 

I love my job and I am so excited to charge forward in my career with a company I admire. While there are definitely days I wonder if I could ever walk away and pursue something entrepreneurial on my own, most days I am so grateful for my career and I'm proud of the direction (I hope) I'm heading. 

That all said, it has been hard for me lately to purchase clothes that can't double for work and play. Although I'm in a corporate setting, we're actually pretty casual. I regularly throw on my favorite J.Crew track-style pants (they're three years old but I found a pretty good dupe from Nordstrom that I'm wearing above and have linked below), a t-shirt or blouse, chunky necklace, low heels, and call it a day. I love this blue LOFT tee and the fact that I can also pair it with white jeans and sandals on the weekend. I regularly browse the LOFT website and find myself ordering affordable pieces that make dressing for work easy (I've linked some of my current favorite styles below). 

While work-wear might not always be the most fun or glamorous, it's a style I've come to accept and continue to evolve as I grow in my career.

Photography: Anna Papazian

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