Monday, July 10, 2017

Pink Tassels

We are busy little bees this summer. Between work and travel and weddings and celebrations, we have a lot going on. I'm so happy for the chaos because it's all stemming from such great things! But in the spirit of also trying to slow down every once in a while and enjoy the ride as newlyweds before we (eventually) throw some little kiddos into the mix, I've been a little slower on the blogging front.

If you follow along, you know JR is one of my biggest supporters...but under some conditions. He loves that I have this amazing hobby, but he also constantly reminds me that I started this blog as an outlet for myself and if it ever gets too stressful or crazy or not fun, then it's OK to walk away. Or at least take a break. 

So I've been trying to listen to my wise hubby a little more and not put so much pressure on myself to post constantly. And while it did take me a hot minute to get over the initial anxiety of seeing some of my Instagram followers disappear, and it took a few days to not obsess over the new things everyone else was posting... (amazingly) the world still turns. And you know what? It has been turning a bit more slowly. So thank you for following along through the highs and the lows. I appreciate it more than you know. Social media breaks are nice, but I still love blogging and hope you enjoy following. 

In other news: these earrings are from Etsy (Siam Hill Tribes) and only TEN DOLLARS. I love the designer version from ShopBop, but these were too good to pass up for the price. Siam Hill Tribes has some other beautiful designs...check them out, or check out some other bright earrings below!

Photography: Anna Papazian

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