Monday, June 12, 2017

Smile Brilliant: Custom Teeth Whitening


I cannot believe it has almost been two months since JR and I got married! I figured things would slow down a bit after wedding planning, but it feels like we're (almost) just as busy! One of the things that was looming on my to-do list a few months before the wedding was to whiten my teeth. It kept falling to the bottom of my list because I knew I didn't want to go to the dentist, but I didn't know if I wanted to go through the hassle of home whitening. When SmileBrilliant reached out, the timing couldn't have been better. I was so excited to try home whitening with custom trays, rather than messy strips or pastes.

Everything you need is sent right to your door. 

Step 1: Use the provided trays to create your individualized upper and lower molds.

The instructions clearly spell out how to mix the putty and set the molds.

Once the molds are set and dried, place them in the pre-packaged envelope and send back to SmileBrilliant. Within a few days, they'll send you your personal, custom whitening trays. 

 Step 2: Use individualized, personal trays to apply the gel whitener at night before bed. 

Step 3: Repeat, and enjoy watching your smile brighten!

I knew the strips were working when I climbed in bed one night and JR said, "your teeth really do look whiter." After the first couple of sessions, I did start to see a difference. I started out wearing the custom-fitted teeth whitening trays for short, 30-minute sessions before bed. I worked my way up to an hour, but didn't leave them in much longer than that at any given time. 

At first, I didn't experience hardly any pain or discomfort. After the first few sessions with just the whitening gel, however, I did start using the de-sensitizing gel (I applied it after the whitening gel and kept the trays in for 15-20 minutes). If I have one word of advice (if you have sensitive teeth) it's use the de-sensitizing gel even if you think you don't need it. I didn't have many issues after wearing the trays (maybe a little sensitivity if I drank something very cold the next day), but when I was using the trays, I did start to have a little throbbing and discomfort. I took that as a cue that my teeth had probably taken about all they could handle, and stopped using the gel. I was really happy with the results (see what others are saying via these teeth whitening testimonials) and will pick up again if I start to see some yellowing (which, judging by the coffee and wine I consume, it probably won't take long). 
Are you looking to whiten your teeth?! Looking for something for Father's Day?! Enter via the link below to win your own custom whitening set.  

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