Tuesday, March 21, 2017

JR Hates These Jeans (but I love them)

One of my favorite parts of my bachelorette party the other weekend was that my sister sent JR a list of questions and he recorded his responses and sent them back to her. Throughout the weekend, she would state the question that was asked, I would try to guess what he said, and she would show his recorded answer. It was so fun! It's timely for this post because when he was asked what clothing item of mine does he hates the most...he responded: her flare jeans. (I got it right).

I don't care if JR hates these jeans because they're my absolute favorites. I have to throw in a little personal celebration and say I haven't been able to (comfortably) wear them for a while because they're a biiiiiit tight around the waist. So not only was I super excited to slide them on the other day (thanks Pure Barre) but I love the way the big flares compliment the wide sleeves of my Madewell top. 

I bought these jeans in the height of the Rachel Zoe craze, maybe circa 2011. They were literally branded as the "Rachel" bellbottom on Piperlime. (Remember Piperlime? Rest in peace). I loved Rachel Zoe. So even if flares go in and out of style (or they crop them a bit for a new twist, love that too), I'll never give these up. Sorry, JR. Needless to say, these exact jeans aren't still around, but I've linked a lot of great styles below. They look great with flowy tops or slimmer styles if you're not so much into the whole boho vibe. Regardless, give your skinnies a rest and try a pair of mega flares this spring. You won't be disappointed (but your boyfriend might be). 

Photography: Stacy Able

Go on with your bad self, RZ. 
(I couldn't find the credits for all of these photos, but found them via a quick google search!)

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