Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Ruby + Abby

I never, ever thought I would end up with a white, fluffy dog. When I first graduated from undergrad, I kept the Milwaukee Humane Society homepage book-marked and would check it daily. I almost went and picked up a little terrier-looking pup named, at least in my mind, Max.

But...surprisingly, for a young 22-year-old, my practical side kicked in and I decided I wasn't yet quite ready to put the needs of another living being in front of my own (selfish, I know, but if you can't be selfish at 22, when can you be?). Fast forward 4 years and this time, I was graduating from business school with my MBA. SO much more mature and responsible. 

My younger sister had gotten a coton de tulear from a little breeder in small-town Indiana. I immediately fell in love with her dog and told myself that when I was ready, I'd get one from the same place. I kept my eye on the Facebook page and got curious one day when I saw a lot of the older dogs for sale. About a week later, there was a terrible post stating that the owner of the pups had died of cancer. There were two liters of puppies left. With tears in my eyes, I called the breeder's mom to express my condolences and inquire about the last liter of puppies. Then, I called my mom.

She said, "Abby, you can go look at the puppies, but you have to be prepared to come home with one." She was (as most moms always are) right. JR and I made the 2-hour drive out to Sunman Indiana one evening after work and picked out my sweet Ruby Louise. I knew she was mine as soon as the breeder's mom put her in my lap. We went back about 5 weeks later to pick her up to bring her home.

Ruby Lou is not a prissy white pup. She snarls, growls, rolls in mud, loves the rain, and nips at any big dog who tries to push her around. She has brought me more joy and love than I ever knew a dog could (and has brought the same to JR, though he'll never admit it).

Life is so much better with a dog. Life is so much better with my sweet Ruby Lou.


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  1. Awwww! These photos are the cutest!
    Life is WAY better with a dog!!


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