Friday, November 4, 2016

Friday Favorites: Denim

Friday Favorites: Jeans

I don't know about you guys, but I have a really hard time finding jeans. I have no issues with my body type (ok, maybe just a few tiny issues), but I will say that one frustrating thing is that my hips are a little out of proportion to my waist. I find that if I get a pair of jeans to fit through my thighs and hips, there's always a big gap in the back around the waist.

I tend to get frustrated with jeans pretty easily, and I don't like to try on a million pairs in a dark dressing room. So recently, during the Bloomingdale's Friends & Family sale, I ordered 5 different pairs of jeans to try at home, knowing I'd send most (if not all) back. Four out of the fair pairs were too tight -- they were jeggings. Now, I'm a fan of a good paid of super skinny jeans to wear with riding boots or big sweaters. But I wanted a pair of legitimate jeans that had some heft and structure. I wanted a pair that could fit into some boots, but would also look nice with my favorite Ivanka Trump flats.

The one pair of five that not only fit, but I actually really liked, were the 7 for All Mankind High Waist Ankle Skinny Jean in dark rinse. Even though these are called "skinny," they don't look like they're painted on my legs. They have a nice weight to them and I love the dark rinse for fall. My only watch-out (for me it's a bonus) is the high waist. They say high-waist, they mean high waist. These hit right at my belly button. For someone whose metabolism has slowed a little over the past few years, I really like this feature. But if you're someone who can confidently rock a crop top, they might be a little high. And they do gap a bit in the back around the waist for me...but nothing a stitch or two can't fix.

My second new favorite pair of jeans is the Curvy Skinny Jean from LOFT. I have to admit, I had never considered getting jeans at LOFT. But I saw they had a "curvy skinny" and thought I'd give them a shot. Again, I am not claiming to be a typical "curvy" girl (though I'd love to be), but my hips are wide for my frame. I am not straight up-and-down and need a liiiiittle extra space and stretch from my waist down. After trying on the regular LOFT skinny jean, I pulled on the curvy skinny, and it was so much more comfortable. I highly recommend giving it a try if you deal with the gap-in-the-back. My onlywatch-out with these is that they aren't quite as tight around the ankles as other "skinnies". I love that feature for my flats and sneakers, but you might have a little more of a tough time getting these into boots.

And trusted go-to, the Madewell Skinny Jean. In the past, I have been very loyal to the Madewell "skinny skinny." Not sure how much the cut has changed (not much from what I have tried) but they now have the high-wasted skinny and the skinny. Madewell jeans are affordable, comfortable, and come in some great washes. Almost all of my jeans (aside from the 2 new pairs I mentioned above) are Madewell. If you haven't tried on a few pairs form the Denim Bar, I highly recommend stopping in to try a few pairs.

The one pair of jeans I haven't tried, by my mom swears by -- blogger Liz Adams is also a fan -- is the Old Navy Rockstar. I'm going to give these a try and will report back!

Do you have a go-to brand or style of jeans? What are your faves? I'd love to hear, as the hunt will always continue for a great pair of jeans!

  1: 7 For All Mankind High Waist Ankle Skinny Jean


2: LOFT Curvy Skinny Jean

3: Madewell Skinny Jean

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