Thursday, September 29, 2016

White Blouse

Well guys, this weekend is the weekend. We say goodbye to the first apartment we shared together (where JR proposed!) and we move out to the suburbs and in with JR's mom!

Now, this isn't a situation where I'm rolling my eyes and saying "I'm moving in with my future mother-in-law." It's a situation where I'm genuinely excited to spend some more time with her while JR and I continue to look for a house! After 3 homes fell through for us (for various reasons, namely, we keep looking at homes that were built in the early 1900s) we decided to move in with family rather than commit to another year-long apartment lease. Living with Denna gives us the flexibility to move on a house when (if) we find it. 

My family is right down the street and has also graciously offered us a place to stay. We are so lucky to have my parents and JR's mom, dad and stepmom all within 40 minutes of us. It makes wedding planning fun, it makes holidays fun, and I'm sure it will someday make our kids' lives more fun. JR grew up very close to his grandparents and family and they have welcomed me, whole-heartedly. Can you believe he is lucky enough to still have all four grandparents?! I couldn't be more #blessed.

I have to admit, the only thing I'm worried about during this move is closet space. JR just left for work saying that tonight we have to tackle packing the closet (I've been avoiding it). When I asked him what we were going to do with all of our spring clothes, he simply responded "Just throw them in trash bags for now." I'm sorry, JR. I'll compromise on a lot of things, but throwing all my precious items in a trash bag is not one of them. Looks like I'll be taking over my childhood closet at my parents' home for the time being. But one thing that is definitely coming with me is this flowy little blouse. 

I've recently become obsessed with blogger Jules SariƱana's clothing line, and this blouse is a new staple in my closet. A few cautions: I ordered a small, which ended up being a little big (though the description online does mention long sleeves). I think I would have been better off with an xs. Also, it's not quite the fabric I was expecting. It's.a little rough and it wrinkles easily. But I have my trusty hand steamer which works like a charm. Quick little steam and it's ready to go! All in all, I recommend it. But if this number isn't for you, check out some other great white blouses below!

Photography: Stacy Able

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