Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Fall Florals

I don't know if it's that tomorrow is a new season or the fact that we're getting ready to move, but I have been going through my closet and purging things I no longer wear. As someone who tends to develop an emotional attachment to clothes, this is somewhat of a new development. But I've moved out of my early twenties when I still coveted my "going-out tops"...I've moved out of my grad school phase where the uniform was tee-shirts and jeans...and I'm settling into my late (gasp) twenties.

I have to admit, I'm really enjoying 28. Don't get me wrong, the first two years out of undergrad were some of my most fun years and best memories, but 28 has brought a sense of self-appreciation and self-confidence that I didn't think I could find! 

My late twenties have brought a slight shift to my outlook on style as well. Realistically, I spend more time at work than I ever spent in class. My job has become a piece of my identity, and I am so fortunate to have I job I love (or at least really, really like). While I still love picking up pieces that aren't work appropriate, I'm being much more selective in what those pieces are. I find myself having a hard time justifying purchases that can't transition from work to play. And I don't think that's a bad thing! My late twenties have also brought a lot of #adulting that I may have delayed a bit by going back to grad school at age 24. We're saving for a wedding and a house, we're starting to talk about planning for a family...and if that means I need to cut back on my shopping and personal spending, well, I'm totally OK with that. 

I've re-discovered LOFT recently, and have found some dresses that are great for work or dinner out with fiance. I love the fall florals in this little flowy dress. I belted it for a more casual feel, but un-belted it's a perfect length for work. I loved it with my little Joie booties, but am also planning on pairing it with tights and riding boots once the temperatures drop a bit. Check out a few more cute LOFT dresses below!

 seven styles

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