Monday, August 1, 2016

Jacksons in Jackson

A few weeks ago, we headed out West for the wedding of two of our dear friends, Kalen and Boyd. JR and I had never traveled to Wyoming before, so we decided to tack a few days on to the beginning of the trip to get out and enjoy the great outdoors!

My handsome date after the ceremony!

On Thursday a few days before the wedding, JR and I took some time to explore Grand Teton National Park. We had originally planned to drive up to Yellowstone for the day, but after talking to the concierge and discovering that Grand Teton National Park was just a short 10-minute drive from the resort, we decided to not try to rush through the day and hit Yellowstone, but explore Grand Teton instead. I am soooo happy with our decision. It was absolutely gorgeous. This is the T.A. Moulton barn, such a beautiful spot with the Tetons in the background!

Say what?!

My favorite spot of the whole trip, Taggart Lake. It was about a full 2-hour hike (round trip) but I could have sat there at the lake with JR all day.

Making friends on the way back to the resort from Grand Teton National Park.

One of the coolest moments of the trip was after the ceremony, when these cowboys (legit cowboys) led a herd of horses down from the mountain. There had to have been 40-50 horses, just running down the mountain with one cowboy leading, and one bringing up the rear. 

At the base of the mountain, and the spot of the gorgeous outdoor ceremony.

 At the site of the reception, on a beautiful lake. We all had so much fun dancing the night away in the prettiest spot imaginable!

 Someone snapped this pic of the reception location and I can't get over how stunning it is! 

The gorgeous bride and groom, and two of the most genuine and loving people we know! Not only was their wedding location beautiful, but the love these two share and the amount of fun they were having on their day is a memory I will never forget. And seriously, how stunning are these pictures?!

The most beautiful wedding pictures.

Kalen and Boyd live in Indiana, but opted for a destination wedding in the beautiful mountains of Wyoming. JR and I decided to extend the wedding weekend a bit, and headed out west early on a Wednesday morning. After exploring the town of Jackson and checking into our hotel, we enjoyed a nice dinner on the patio of one of the restaurants in Teton Village. We had a glass of wine on the balcony outside of our hotel room and went to bed early to get up and explore Grand Teton National Park. 

JR and I had originally planned to drive the 2-ish hours up to Yellowstone on Thursday. However, after chatting with the concierge, and after hearing a little more about the June tourist traffic in Yellowstone, we opted to spend the day in Grand Teton National Park instead. It was a short 10-minute drive from the resort where we were staying. 

We got some advice from the bell hop, Gunner (who was exactly what you would picture for a kid named Gunner -- so sweet, probably 17 or 18 years old, spending his summers working at the local resort), and decided to take a short hike up to Taggart Lake. After getting a little anxious realizing we didn't have any bear spray as the signs recommended, we were soon too swept up by the beauty of the Tetons to worry about bears (but I did have my eyes wide open at every turn...). I can't even begin the explain the beauty of the nature out west, and the pictures above of Taggart Lake don't do it justice. 

After our hike, we drove all around the park, stopping to watch a herd of bison in the distance, and taking some time to visit T.A. Moulton Barn and Antelope Flats. It was gorgeous. Then we enjoyed the welcome cocktail party with our friends and the beautiful bride and groom on Thursday evening. 

On Friday, the boys played golf (shocking), so a friend and I went horseback riding through the mountains. We had so much fun at the rehearsal dinner that evening, and took it easy Saturday before the wedding (I even treated myself to a massage at the resort spa -- that sounds so much snootier than it actually was! But still amazing). And finally, the wedding! Kalen and Boyd had their ceremony by an old barn at the base of the mountains in Teton Village. We had some cocktails and then moved to the ceremony location by one of the most beautiful and serene lakes I have ever seen. Everyone danced the night away and, if it gives you any indication of how much fun we had, JR woke up the next morning in his full suit, complete with tie and shoes!

If you ever get the opportunity to head out west, take it. I am not the outdoorsy type, but I would head back to Wyoming in a heartbeat. Now, while I prefer to hike and get outside during the day, I much prefer a hotel with running water at night. Needless to say, this trip was perfect. JR and I had so much fun on a mini-vacation, and we had a blast celebrating Kalen and Boyd and the deep love they so clearly have for each other. 


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