Thursday, August 18, 2016

Blue Lace

Summer is starting to come to a close, and I'm finally getting excited about booties and jeans and sweaters. But I am very sad to put this little blue dress away until next year. I loved wearing this dress to a recent wedding, and I'm not above re-wearing season after season, so rest assured you will see this dress again next year!

Caroline and I headed out to take a few pictures on a beautiful summer night in Indianapolis. One thing I love about this city is the beautiful parks and memorials. We live right by Military Park, and we frequently take Ruby over and let her run in the grass. But on this particular night, there was no running. Not in this dress and shoes.

I saw this dress a while ago and was really eager to go try it on. While in Chicago for work a few weeks ago (gosh, I guess that was about a month and a half ago) I ran by Neiman Marcus to try it on. I originally thought I was going to splurge on it in pink, but after trying on this pretty cornflower blue, I couldn't resist. Hopefully next year when I pull it out, it fits a little less snug around the middle. But enough of that self-criticism. The fact is, I love this dress and I feel great it in. That's all that really matters, right? (part of asking that question is to reassure myself too). Oh and thanks to my sister Hannah for letting me borrow her beautiful Saint Laurent clutch! It's definitely up high on my personal wish list...

I hope you enjoy the final month of summer!

Photography: Caroline Grace
 seven styles

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