Friday, May 6, 2016

Easy Breezy

Happy Friday everyone! This past weekend, Caroline and I had a little shoot scheduled. I was so excited to get out and about with her, because I feel like I'm due for some new looks and new posts. So when Caroline (poor thing) got a flat tire on her way home from Cincinnati on Sunday evening, I managed to whine enough until boyfriend agreed to go outside with me and snap a few pictures. 

Now, I get it. Blogging isn't really JR's thing. But he has been so supportive of my little hobby, and he was a really good sport about trying out a few different locations until I got a few shots. I don't think he did half bad, do you?!

Whether or not we have the exact same interests, I know JR always has my back and will be there to support my goals and ambitions. He's a great partner, puppy-adoptive-dad, and best friend. And even though it annoys me to now end when he leaves his sticky cocktail cups on the counter, or when he refuses to wipe off the bathroom mirror, he's definitely a keeper. And I'm lucky to have him.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
(Forever 21 longline shirt here)

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  1. Awww! Love that he took photos for you! Brandon tries to snap pics for me too every now and then.... he does his best and tries to be a "photographer" even though he has no artistic bones in this body! And then we usually start bickering! lol .... what people don't see behind the scenes!! hahaha


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