Friday, April 15, 2016

Friday Favorites: Stripes

Everyone got soooo excited when the weather warmed up in March. Just wait, I said, we'll have snow again. Well, I must have jinxed us because just after I went out and picked up some new spring pieces, there was snow on the ground. However, I've been very lucky (and busy!) traveling to some warm spots in the midst of the chiller temps. Last weekend, I was in Florida for an advocacy event and gala for work. This weekend, no work is in sight as I head out to California for the FIRST time. I'm finally visiting my best friend, Taylor, who has been out there since post-undergrad.
Now that the weather is warming up again, and I'm headed to a sunny location, I wanted to share some of the things that are new to my closet, or on my wish list. I realized that a lot of what I'm coveting lately is a little more simple and classic. I picked up a few striped shirts at J.Crew a few weeks back, and I love how you can give them an updated look with fun shorts or ripped denim (see a few pinterest favorites below, courtesy of Un-fancy and Sincerely Jules - among others).


A few other Friday favories:
  • Loving this J.Crew trench -- I snagged it as part of J.Crew's 30% off sale, anxiously awaiting its arrival.
  • I'm a little obsessed with Sonix phone cases. How can you expect a girl to decide between pineapples and palm trees?!
  • Have you seen work work pork work? JR and I saw this on FB the other day and COULD NOT stop laughing. We're in a habit of sending each other the link at random points throughout the day just to make each other giggle.
  • I've noticed I have this thing for barn animal artwork. Hear me out. I found a beautiful watercolor of a rooster at a local butcher shop. JR surprised me with it for Christmas! Now I'm dying for one of Kate Mullin's cows. She's an artist from Charleston and her work is amazing!
  • 7 other great striped options from J.Crew below. 
 seven styles

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