Thursday, April 21, 2016

Cali Vacay featuring Tobi

This past weekend, I visited California for the very first time. I've done a fair amount of traveling in my 28 years, but for some reason, I had never managed to make it out West. But now, after having visited, I can't believe I made it that long without going! I love that California is made up of beautiful blue skies, tall palm trees, and sunny warm temperatures. I love that there were so many different interesting people to watch. I love that I got to spend 4 full days with one of my childhood best friends, Taylor.

And I also love that the night before my trip, while packing and texting Taylor about what to bring, she stated "Cali is so great because you can wear literally whatever you want and people think it's cool." In my head, I was like "well, that's great Tay, but that doesn't help me narrow down the 4 piles of clothes I currently have on the floor." So naturally...I packed everything. But I ended up spending most of the time in breezy dresses and Coachella-inspired ripped jean shorts. And even though we weren't out in the dessert with the other cool kids, I still felt very LA in all of the pieces that I picked out from one of my favorite online retailers, Tobi.

Taylor and I did lots of beach hopping, eating, drinking (maybe a little too much...), and sight seeing. (She was such a trooper as I dragged her down Rodeo Drive). She lives in Orange County, so that's where we spent most of the time, but we did stay a night in LA with her friends. 

The first Tobi dress pictured above was perfect for an easy dinner out. As for the second dress....well, who wouldn't want to float around in a cute maxi dress while walking along the beach?! And finally, I wore the flowy black romper (my personal favorite) on my last day as we drove around Costa Mesa and grabbed lunch at Bear Flag Fish Co (ummm the tuna poke was 

Tobi is definitely one of my go-tos for easy dresses and trendy rompers. I always find great maxi dresses, party dresses, crop tops, and skirts. (See a few other posts featuring Tobi here, here, here, and here!). And one of the best parts is, if you haven't ever shopped at, new customers get 50% off. My sister introduced me to the site a while ago and I have to admit that my first order was quitteeee large. I still frequently check out what's new (they're always adding new items), and while my shopping cart isn't ever quite as full as it was that first time, I almost always place an order for some cute dresses and skirts before a warm-weather vacation. The pieces are just too cute, easy, and affordable not to.   

Give Tobi a try for your next trip to Cali...or Florida...or South Carolina...or just downtown for a summer cocktail. I dare ya. 

Featured // Look 1: Brinley Shift Dress (c/o Tobi) // Look 2: Boho Beauty Maxi Dress (c/o Tobi) // Look 3: Keepin' It Casual Romper (c/o Tobi)


  1. These looks are so amazing!! That first one is seriously perfection.


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