Thursday, March 31, 2016

Easy Layers

As much as I love getting a little glammed up (especially for blog posts), on a "regular" day, you'll typically find me in jeans, flats, and a flowy scarf. This is one of my new staple outfits, and this scarf has been on repeat pretty much since I bought it. It's cozy enough to add a little warmth, but airy enough for the increasing temperatures. 

I love flowy scarves for spring and fall, and even find myself wearing super-light ones into summer. You might think it's weird to throw on a scarf with jean shorts, a tank, and flat sandals, but just try it. You'll like it. Ok, ok, maybe you won't like it in the dead heat of August, but give it a try on a cool night in June. 

Along those same lines, I feel like spring really is the perfect time to play around with something new. Whether it's a new color of lipstick, a new length of skirt, or just a new pair of jeans, there's something so symbolic about refreshing pieces of your wardrobe as the season refreshes too. Spring is all about new beginnings, yes?! Although...I feel like I tend to say that at the start of any new season. I suppose that's why I love living in Indiana where we distinctly have 4 of them!

Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy this season and all the refreshes it may bring. 

Photography: Caroline Grace

I couldn't find the link to my Zara scarf on ShopStyle, but the actual scarf (which I LOVE) is linked here.

 seven styles 
And here are 7 other versions too!

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  1. I'm totally with you–I love getting dressed up, but some of my most favorite outfits are casual looks that I've done lately. Beautifully layered looks, like this one, just seem more real and applicable for every day people.

    XO, Jaime |


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