Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Lady in Red-Orange

Here in Indiana, we have had a pretty mild winter so far! Usually by early January, we've had a few feet of snow and battled sub-zero temps. But this year, I've only seen flurries and a few days in the low thirties...until now. The good news is, I'm getting more use out of my favorite J.Crew coat and new L.L. Bean duck boots. The bad news? It's miserable letting Ruby out at 6am.

I find that I almost always get a new winter coat from J.Crew. Their coats and jackets are always so well-made, warm, and come in timeless styles. I originally wanted to purchase this red one in grey, but once I put on the bright color, I wasn't taking it off. And I'm so happy I did! I have gotten so many nice compliments on it. OH. and the duck boots! This is my first year with a pair, because usually, by the time I'm ready to order and wear boots, these are either sold out or on back order. It's because L.L Bean makes each pair by hand. But let me tell ya, they are well worth the wait. I got the 8" short boots and ordered a size down (I'm usually an 8 and the 7s worked!). Don't want to wait 3 months until the backorder catches up? Order them in the summer. I promise you will get lots of use out of them in winter and fall.

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