Friday, December 11, 2015

Friday Favorites

When I find a good shoe, I tend to go a little crazy. I either buy it in multiple colors (see above) or I literally buy 2 pairs of the same shoe: one to keep 'nice' and one as a 'bar' shoe. Okay, maybe this was more of a college thing. But whatever. The point is, when I find a shoe I like, it's hard to let it go. And my new obsession is Ivanka Trump (not Ivanka as the former model and daughter of the questionable GOP candidate, but Ivanka as the shoe and accessories designer).

I have already purchased the "Chic" flat in 2 different colors: black and leopard print. It is comfortable, sleek, and, well, chic! These flats look great with skinnies, skirts, and my J.Crew dressy track pants. I was worried that snow and sub-zero temperatures would keep me from wearing these beauties during the winter, but the weather has been quite perfect for flats and a pretty coat. 

The fit true to size and are very good quality. I wore them for three days straight at one of our national meetings, and only at the end of the third day did they begin to rub the back of my heel. I am hoping they release a nude version for the spring, but until then, it's black and leopard on repeat. Or at least until there's snow on the ground.
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