Monday, November 9, 2015

Fall in Indy

Things have been busy lately! Fortunately for her, my girl Caroline has been busy traveling around the globe. So we haven't had time to go out and get some pics. So today I bribed boyfriend with some tasty snacks for the Colts game, and he (surprisingly willingly) went outside with me me to take a few shots. He even stepped out during the game (that's love...seriously). Granted, the whole excursion took about 4 minutes (barely more than a commercial break), but I'll take what I can get! He's definitely a keeper, for more reasons than one. 

What's the rush? Well, none, really. But I wanted to get out a post to showcase one of my favorite fall jackets. In case you haven't taken a peek lately, Forever 21 has some amazing, affordable jackets. Perfect for this in-between weather when you need more than a little sweater, but not quite a full-blown winter coat. Take a peek at some of my favorite styles down below. The one I'm wearing comes in 3 colors -- it's made to fit a little bigger and boxier, but I love it because it easily fits over heavier shirts or layers for fall. was only $35. I know, right?!

Now get out there and enjoy these crisp, sunny days while they last. Happy Fall!

 seven styles


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