Wednesday, October 14, 2015

B & W

It's really hard for me to justify buying clothes lately unless they are work-appropriate. Does that mean I'm adult?! Is financial responsibility taking over my online shopping habit? Am I becoming one of those girls who wears pencil skirts and blouses out to the bar? (that's assuming JR and I make it off the couch and out to a bar on a weekend night...)

Okay, so maybe I'm not THAT bad with work-only wear, but I do love when I can get a lot of use out of one item. This little black dress has fit that bill.

I bought this Kate Spade dress on final sale and wore it all summer with flat gladiator sandals for work and pretty wedges for Friday dinners out. I was super hesitant about stashing it in the back on my closet until next spring, but threw a white button-down underneath for an easy layered look. Takes it from summer to fall very easily! And these absolute FAVORITES. More to come on those later this week...

For now, Happy Wednesday!

Photography: Caroline Grace
 seven styles

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