Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Anthro Fall

This season, as work gets more and more consuming, and as many friends are getting married or starting their own families with little babes, I have thought a lot about how much things have changed since college. I remember during my junior year at IU, I commented that I couldn't imagine NOT inviting every single one of my pledge sisters to my wedding (I know, I know, I was THAT girl). And now, I'm happy to say I will invite a special handful (when that day eventually comes). And that's okay.

I have moved and had many different experiences and have grown closer, and further, from lots of people. But that's life. And just as the seasons change and summer must give way to fall (no matter how long it tries to hang on to its influence on the sun), there are seasons of life. Beautiful seasons of winters, and springs, and summers, and falls. And one is not necessarily better than another...just...different. 

So if you ever find yourself feeling sad or nostalgic about the friends that have come and gone, just be grateful that they left a tiny footprint on your path for the time they were there. And look ahead to the untrudged road and smile knowing there will be many more footprints to come.

This little getup is perfect for walking the actual, and metaphorical, paths of this season. Ch-check it out below. 

Photography: Caroline Grace

 seven styles 
I think I need to start wearing more green...

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  1. Love that top and how you styled it very boho. Love it!


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