Sunday, September 20, 2015

Trying something new: Idiot's Guide: Everyday Makeup Secrets

I claim to be many things, but a makeup artist is not one of them. I don't enjoy makeup. I don't enjoy buying makeup. I don't enjoy applying makeup. And I don't enjoy experimenting with makeup. I have worn the same products, in the same way, for at least the last 3 years. Until today. 

I got an email a few weeks ago from a fellow Indianapolis blogger. She mentioned the opportunity to do a beauty post and review of "Everyday Makeup Secrets." I almoooost hit the delete button. Then I saw that this was the "Idiot's Guide" - and when it comes to makeup, that is the perfect word to describe me. So I thought I would give it a shot. Especially since the last time I remember playing around with makeup was when my mom bought me "Bobbi Brown Teenage Beauty" circa 2004.

Now, I'm not trying to become a beauty blogger. I'm not even trying to incorporate beauty posts into my normal routine of style posts. But I am into trying new things that slightly push my comfort zone, and this fit the bill.

The great thing about this book, for me at least, is that it covers the basics. The basic basics. I learned about the different types of brushes, best colors for my complexion, and product expiration dates. But it also goes into more detail on how to recreate classic looks (I'm working up the courage to attempt "1970s bronze") for those of you who are more makeup-savvy. It really is a great tool for makeup users of all types and skill levels. 

I have flipped through the book over the past week, and I had a grand plan to spend the morning attempting to re-create a few styles (thus, the makeup free "before" selfie and the "I'm not so sure about this" mirror selfie #noshame). But after sitting down to really dig in, I realized I'm not quite ready to post any amazing "afters." And that's okay! I may never be able to recreate the perfect smokey eye or attempt contouring, but this guide has given me a great foundation to start. I can't wait to review a few of my favorite chapters and start slowly incorporating some new things into my routine. I feel confident saying that aside from my occasional bright red or hot pink lip, I may actually start trying some brow shaping or light eye shadow. 

Indy makeup artist and author Daniel Klingler's book is available on Amazon. It features 17 chapters covering Getting Started, Breaking Down Your Look, and Bringing Your Look Together. Tons of great tips like "Ten Power Foods for Healthy Skin" and "Identifying Your Face Shape" are included. 

I don't have experience with many products, but the ones I do use, I know well. See seven of my favorites below, and don't forget to check out Danny on twitter (@neckupdesign) for some amazing makeup tips and tricks!

 seven styles 

Featured // floor mirror: West Elm // mirrored star: West Elm // books: Bobbi Brown Teenage Beauty
Manolo Blahnik Drawings 

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of the book to facilitate this review. It did not affect comments about the material; all opinions are my own.

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