Tuesday, September 29, 2015


I, and probably every other 20-something girl, love the time between the dead heat of summer and the chilly temperatures of late fall. I love late September and October in the Midwest. By the time November rolls around, we could be in 70-degree temps or sub-zero. But October is generally really pleasant, and layers consist of sweaters and shirts, rather than big puffy jackets and scarves (big puffy jackets and scarves for warmth are much different than big puffy jackets and scarves for style).

I grabbed this sweater at Madewell last week and at first, I hesitated. But after I bought it and put it on, I knew this would be a new staple for me over the next, oh, six months. It's the perfect length and heft, and it's SUPER soft. I threw it on over a few of my denim favorites and voila! easy, layered, fall look.

As I mentioned a few posts back, it's been hard for me lately to not be critical of my appearance and of these blog pictures. But while my hair may not have ended up the way I wanted, or my layers may have looked a little sloppier than intended, I did notice one hugely positive thing in these pics that Caroline snapped. I look happy.

And not only do I look happy, I feel happy. And to be quite honest, I didn't know if that was possible again! I know, I am so fortunate and don't have any "real" reasons to be unhappy. But the events that unraveled in my life almost 2 and a half years ago made me question a lot of things about love, happiness, and life. But the most important thing I have realized in the time since then (cliché it may sound) is that life goes on. Time heals all wounds. Each day gets a little better than the last.

And one day, when you least expect it, you will look around and just smile. Because...you made it. I made it. I made it to the other side. And while my life was full of much happiness before this journey, it's filled with a new and wonderful and appreciative happiness now. I am so grateful for all the peaks and valleys and I am graciously humbled by all of the friends and experiences and loves that I have had in my life.

Continue to work hard, stay humble, give love, and begin each day with a grateful heart. Good things will come.

Happy Fall, y'all. 

Photography: Caroline Grace

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