Monday, August 24, 2015

Sunflowers & Gingham

You know how I talked about being excited for fall and the season change in my last post? Well, today after an absolutely perfect weekend, I'm not quite ready to let summer go. JR's birthday was this weekend, and we spent a few hours on Saturday morning in the best possible way: sitting on our balcony, drinking coffee, reading the paper (okay, JR was reading the WSJ, I was ready US Weekly), Ruby at our feet, cool breeze and warm sun on our faces. There was some sort of event going on in the park across the street, so there was beautiful gospel-ish music playing. It was the kind of morning that I didn't want to let go of. We ended up having a blast on Saturday evening hanging with friends at our place, but when I think back to how we rang in JR's 29th year, I will think about the beautiful summer morning spent with my love. 

This peplum top screamed summer to me, and the lovely sunflowers I had in a vase in our kitchen seemed like the most appropriate accessory. (By the way, these beauties are going on two weeks of looking pretty and bright). 

Now go soak up that sun.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

White Before Labor Day

It's. Almost. Labor Day. Can you believe it?! Where did summer go?! Now, I'm not one to follow the  "no white after Labor Day" rule, but I do believe in "winter" whites. And a little lace top doesn't qualify. So I'm going to wear this little one as much as I can before I have to pull out the sweaters and riding boots (and maybe then still a little bit after).

I love the season changes -- you will probably see that topic come up quite a bit in upcoming blog posts. One of the great things about living in Indiana is getting to experience the transition from cool to hot to cool to cold. A new season always reminds me that it's never to late to make a fresh start. And that no matter how great or awful things can be, a time for change is never too far away. So savor the last weeks of summer and get ready for some (hopefully beautiful and wonderful and exciting) changes around the corner. 

Photography: Caroline Grace
 seven styles 
Seven summery whites to wear while you still can!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Skulls on Scarves

I love this little dress - I tried it a new way, to dress it up a bit. While my sister wasn't the biggest fan of this particular look, I have to say, I felt pretty cool wearing it. And isn't that the point of dressing up?! As long as what you're wearing makes you feel good, other people's opinions don't really matter. 

Check out a few other similar options below! A little black swing is perfect for running errands, covering up a swimsuit, or accessorizing for date night. 

Have a great Thursday everyone!
 seven styles
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