Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Summer Evenings with Ru

If you have read recent posts, you know that life has been crazy busy lately! But it has been fun and fresh and exciting and happy. New job, new apartment, with an amazing pup and an amazing boyfriend (like how I mentioned Ruby first, JR?!) But somtimes, things can still come in and knock you off guard.

When you get thrown off, you can stumble...or use that as momentum to take a leap forward. Instead of giving in to that pit at the bottom of your stomach and letting it knock you down, you can use it as a weight to ground you in the present. The past can be an ugly reminder of things gone awry, or it can be a beautiful acknowledgement of a live well lived. It's up to you how it moves you forward. 

One of my favorite things to always remember is that pain is a direct reflection of our ability to love. So instead of being dragged down, let that sinking feeling ground you in the beauties of today. Smile and acknowledge the wonderful days of the past, and keep those bright eyes focused on the promise of the future.

And if all else fails, take a casual walk with your little pup, have a glass of wine with your love, and remember that tomorrow is a new day. 

wearing // shorts: Treasure & Bond (Nordstrom) - my absolute FAVORITE summer shorts, and a much more affordable version of the Rag & Bone ones I was dying for) // blouse: Nordstrom (old, similar below) // shoes: Tory Burch (old, similar below) // sunglasses: Ray Ban // belt: thanks to Jon Ryan and his abercrombie wearing days
 seven styles

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  1. You are beautiful! Such a great perspective – sometimes I just need the walk with the pup and a new day. Hope all is well! xoxox

    Annie Reeves


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