Thursday, May 7, 2015


While I may feel just the tiniest bit out of place back in Indiana wearing my Jack Rogers sandals and Vineyard Vines tees, there is one item in my closet that is perfect for life back in the trusty overalls (I say "trusty" even though they have only been in my possession for about a year. But I can totally sense the fact that they will hang around for a while...ya feel me?).

I know, I have been doing a lot of comparing lately: Indiana to South Carolina, the past to the present...but when I eventually make time to just sit and write, you might get a better understanding of where I'm coming from. For now, just know that I'm just excited about a new apartment with a new little family (my pup and my BF) and a new job. And...I'm loving erry'thing about overalls: long, short, cropped, name it, I'll try it.

Happy Thursday, and goodnight.

wearing // overalls: American Eagle // crop top: Forever 21 // shoes: Vans for Madewell (old, but NEED these) // sunglasses:  Ray-Ban

 seven styles 

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