Friday, May 15, 2015

Friday Favorites: Insta Accounts

So, yesterday morning on the TODAY show, they were talking about nomophobia...the fear of being without your phone (no mobile, get it?). Anyway, I definitely have that. And one of the seasons I am so addicted to my iPhone is because I LOVE INSTAGRAM. love. obsessed.

I love stumbling upon new pretty accounts. I love seeing that little heart pop up when I post something new (no shame here - we all love it). I love when I need a break at work and can take 2-3 minutes and find something to make me smile.

While I feel a sense of accomplishment when I stumble upon an account that I like on my own, I also love it when bloggers I follow post about their favorite accounts. So I thought I would take this Friday Favorite to share 7 of my favorite Instagram accounts for mindless (or very mindful) scrolling. So here they are!


SF Girl by Bay is "Bohemian modern style from a San Francisco girl." The blog has grown to include editor Victoria Smith and 5 contributors. Interior design is the focus - providing readers with the "freshest designers, artists, products, and trends." SF Girl by Bay's blog site is beautiful, and so is its instagram. Both are definitely must-sees (or reads). 


How can you not smile when looking at these two?! Piggy and Polly are French bulldog sisters and I regram them often. I just think they're the cutest!


I was so lucky to be part of an amazing blogging community when I was living in South Carolina. One of the incredibly talented ladies I met down there is Annie Reeves. She is a social media consultant and lifestyle blogger (check out her blog here) based in Charleston. I am a BIG fan. She is a complete genius when it comes to iPhone pics and instagrams. Check out her feed, it's beautiful!


For some reason, I don't like to follow many celebrities on Instagram. Some people love it because it gives you a glimpse into their "real" lives. I don't known what it is, I just prefer to follow bloggers and friends. Anyway, one of the few celebrities I do follow is Resse Witherspoon. Her pictures are sweet, her comments are funny, and she's beautiful! I died for the middle picture when she and her husband were getting ready for the Oscars! 

You remember in high school when you thought long and hard about your senior yearbook quote? It had to be something memorable, and meaningful...something that epitomized you and your thoughts on LIFE. Well, my quote was from the one-and-only Elle Woods in Legally Blonde (no shame in saying it's my favorite movie):  Abby Foster, class of 2006  "Whoever said orange is the new pink was seriously disturbed."  Now THAT is a yearbook quote. Anyway, I have always been a huge Reese fan and actually do love getting a glimpse into her lovely daily life.


Have you heard about Mayhem?! She is a tiny, but mighty, little designer. Her mother has an instagram feed that features Mayhem (not her real name) in her paper designs. She has garnered so much attention that she is launching her own J.Crew Crew Cuts line later this summer. Aside from the fact that this tiny tot makes my feel largely unaccomplished, I love her adorable pictures and her mom's witty captions. This one is sure to make you smile.


 Whitney Leigh Morris is a creative director and lifestyle consultant "specializing in simple style for small spaces and gatherings." She lives in a beautiful little home called the Tiny Canal Cottage. Her pictures are bright, fresh, and pretty. Makes me want to downsize into a small 362 square foot cottage. Okay, maybe not THAT small, but still, it's gorgeous.


Yoga Girl is a favorite for many reasons. One, I love the posts of her yoga poses. As an aspiring yogi, it's so motivational to see what these poses are actually supposed to look like! Also, she is incredibly raw and real. She posts her thoughts, feelings, emotions with no shame. I love scrolling through her feed, reading her posts, sometimes realizing that it's normal to have a range of emotions. She is a beautiful soul and one I definitely recommend following (did I mention she has 1.3 million followers? So you'll be in good company!) 

I hope that if you take a peek at these feeds, at least a few of them bring a smile to your face. Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend!


  1. OMG Piggy and Polly is one of my FAVORITES too. They are the cutest!! Thanks so much for sharing my account - you're missed down in South Carolina!! Hope all is well :)

    Annie Reeves

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