Friday, April 3, 2015

Spring Style Inspiration

 image via the lovely SF Girl by Bay

Oh. Em. Gee. I have not been posting as much as I usually do! For those of you that noticed, I apologize. Between work and traveling and getting ready for a move (more on that later...) things have been crazy! And, I must admit, I have been in a big style rut. 

So what is this style rut, do you ask? It's when I picture an outfit in my head and it looks amazing, and then I actually put it on and look...not so amazing. I don't know why, but just haven't been feeling it lately. I love style and fashion and clothes, but never have I ever claimed to get it right all the time. Some days, just like with anyone else, it goes very wrong and I throw on my trusty Madewell jeans, a white tee, and call it a day. 

But then again, isn't that how it goes in other aspects of life as well? Sometimes new things just immediately work and fall into place. And sometimes they don't. That's when you have to fall back on what you know and love and trust. It's like that old friend from high school that you call on a bad day even though you have amazing new friends in your new city. Sometimes you just need...comfort. 

Perhaps a little apprehension about all the upcoming changes in my life have subconsciously pointed me in the direction of what is comfortable. Nevertheless, I am super excited about what the future holds and I am excited to try some spring and summer looks now that the temperature in Charleston is consistently above 70 degrees.

So I turned to some of my favorite bloggers for some inspiration (don't be surprised if you see me re-creating these looks over the next few weeks). I'm sure you may have seen some of these looks from the queens of the blogging world, but I also love following the local bloggers here in the Holy City. So take a peek at what's inspiring me and check out the blogs of these lovely ladies as well!

I'll be back soon! xo

 all white + killer sandals via Sincerely Jules

 white dress + feminine details via Turquoise & Teale

 floral romper + leather vest via Who What Wear 

 boho vibes + matching accessories via Katalina Girl
(p.s. check out her amazing bridal brunch - I die)

 blush trousers + embellished blouse via Sequins & Stripes

 easy separates + amazing vacations via Gal Meets Glam

spring layers + saddle accessories via Holy City Chic 

 stripes + floral via Atlantic-Pacific

casual + bright via The Teacher Diva

matching separates + simple accessories via TopKnots & PolkaDots


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