Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Spring Blogger Brunch

When I started my little blog about a year ago, I had no idea that there was such a huge blogging community out there. I had heard of the big gals, but was constantly stumbling across local bloggers. After moving to Charleston, I loved spending time digging through Instagram, following Charleston hashtags and finding beautiful insta accounts. Through this little scavenger hunt, I stumbled across the Charleston Blog Society.

The Charleston Blog Society was started as a way for local Charleston bloggers to support and inspire each other. I quickly reached out to founder Gillian Ellis of Coastal Bride, and before I knew it, she and I were sharing coffee. Gillian does an amazing job of setting up monthly events with the bloggers and local businesses and boutiques. We love supporting new (and seasoned) shops and restaurants around the city. 

Quickly after joining the society, I met my good friend Toni of Sunflowers & Lace. Again, over coffee - bloggers love coffee, she and I met and started brainstorming new, fresh ways to get to know the city. We were both relatively new to Charleston and looking for a way to get involved with local shops and businesses, as well as get to know the other bloggers better. So...voila! The idea for the Spring Blogger Brunch surfaced. We wanted to create a fun, casual atmosphere where we could meet and talk about blogging and our love for the Holy City. We also envisioned introducing (or, re-introducing!) the bloggers to local shops and businesses. In the spirit of the Blog Society, we wanted to inspire, promote, and share. 

** Quick side note: all pictures were taken by my dear friend, and talented photographer, Katie Fiedler. If you ever need engagement photos, blog shots, or just family portraits, please check her out! Isn't her work lovely?!

Toni and I reached out to a few restaurants with the idea for our brunch, and the team at the Old Village Post House was one of the first to respond. They generously offered us a brunch spot for 10 bloggers in one of their beautiful, bright upstairs rooms (not to mention they offered it to us on a Sunday morning - their prime busy time). Taking it a step further, and making us feel incredibly welcome, General Manager Katie Hajjar offered us mimosas and apps. 
The Old Village Post House is a beautiful spot located in old Mt. Pleasant. It boasts a tavern, three dining rooms, and six inn rooms. This lovely venue screams Southern Hospitality, with its welcoming staff, warm atmosphere, and amazing menu (headed by Executive Chef Frank Lee). It is perfect for a Sunday brunch, evening cocktail, or private event. It is one of my favorite spots, nestled on a quaint street where a scene from The Notebook was filmed (no joke). We were thrilled to spend the morning there. 

In addition to the lovely mimosas, once the bloggers arrived, we were lucky enough to be able to present them with lovely flower crowns from local floral designer, Lily Peterson of FLOWERSHOP. Lily is exactly the type of person that you would expect to own a flower shop and be named after a flower. She has the sweetest disposition and owns the loveliest little shop in North Charleston. She was so excited to hear about our brunch and our excitement about her flower crowns. She graciously lent us crowns for the morning, and I wish I could have worn it all week, I mean, all day.
 (psst! Keep an eye out for her online crown shop launching soon! Keep checking back at flowershopchs.com - they are perfect for bridal showers, sip and sees, bachelorette parties, or just a Tuesday afternoon...)

Alden of Rutledge Social

Taylor of  Holy City in Heels

Katherine of Katherine in LA 


 Trying to decide on just one menu item was nearly impossible...

...I went for the Shrimp & Grits (amaze).

 My fellow co-host and forever bestie in Charleston, Toni of Sunflowers & Lace.
(p.s. that's Charleston Blog Society founder Gillian to the left!)

Not only did we have a fabulous brunch with beautiful flower crowns, but we were also treated to some little goodies from some of our favorite spots in Charleston. If you're ever in the area, you MUST go shopping on (and around) King Street. It has all of the shops you would expect, but the real gems are the local boutiques. Some of the generous giftables were provided by:

Finicky Filly: This shop carries beautiful designers (Tory Burch, Mara Hoffman, Rebecca Minkoff) and also boasts its "Brown Box" program (think Trunk Club for women!)

Pink Dot Beauty Bar: Who doesn't want to indulge in makeup and beauty product samples? If you're ever in Charleston for a event and need makeup/hair, give Pink Dot a call.

Vestique: Super cute clothes at wallet-friendly prices. With locations in both North and South Carolina, be sure to check it out when visiting the Low Country.

Luna: One of my favorite spots in Charleston for designers like Vince, Amanda Uprichard and Clover Canyon.

Candlefish: One of my very FAVORITE stores in Charleston. Candlefish carries over 40 amazing brands of candles and decor. According to its website, "Masters of our craft, we aim to share our illuminating experiences of candle-making through scent, touch, and sight. Instilling memories both old and new, Candlefish is an inspiration destination." I am absolutely in love with this store (which offers candle-making classes and workshops) and definitely include it in my "must-see" spots in Charleston. To make things even better, Candlefish's online shop is now open! Check it out: http://candlefish.com/collections/

THANK YOU so much for getting involved!

 Post-brunch pictures

I can't get enough of this skirt!

How amazing is Toni's outfit?!

Thank you for everything, Old Village Post House. We had a wonderful time.


  1. Thanks for setting up this lovely brunch Abby! I had such a wonderful time and am still dreaming of that french toast!

  2. So sad to have missed this!! Everything looks amazing--gorgeous photos! xxoo--Kaitlyn


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