Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Hello, Babydoll

The weather in Charleston has been absolutely gorgeous lately. There have been a few days here and there of chilly temps, but it's not the back-and-forth, one-day-summer-the-next-day-winter that we tend to have in the Midwest. Because rain showers have been predicted this week, it has been especially humid, making it pretty toasty in the Low Country. I have finally decided that it's appropriate to pull out some short dresses and show some (very pale) leg.

I was especially excited to try out this little Free People babydoll dress. My mom and I saw it while shopping, I pulled it off the rack, and it was an immediate internal struggle..."this could go right, or very, very wrong." I tried it on and decided I was decently happy with what I saw. 

Now back to the topic of my mother...she is an amazing shopping buddy, a wonderful blog-supporter, and a sincere break-up counselor...but not the best photographer (but bless her heart for trying). She was nice enough to snap a few quick pics while down here visiting, but please ignore the less-than-ideal backgrounds and editing (the mis-adventures in photo editing is the fault of mine, not my mom's). 

But the fact that she is always willing to help with, comment on, "like", read, and promote my blog more than makes up for the lack of photography skills. 

I remember when I first started my blog. I sent the link to my younger sister to get her opinion. I told her not to show my mom. Naturally, she did the opposite of what I asked. Instead of getting a reluctant reaction from my mom (who does not participate in social media, had probably never heard the word "blog," and prefers to remain 'anonymous' in life with my dad - so cute), she has shown nothing but love and support from the beginning. It was a wonderful surprise and has been a wonderful blessing to have her constant feedback and encouragement.

And regardless of the quality of the pictures, the dress deserved a little love. Check out the links below for some (professional) pics of the individual pieces.

love ya, mom.
 seven styles 
Seven other great Free People dresses:


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