Tuesday, April 14, 2015

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Spring Rain Jackets

After graduating with my MBA, I was hired by my company and sent on a short 9-12 month sales rotation. I was lucky enough to get to have a say in which city I would be placed, and was so thrilled to be in Charleston for a year. Sadly, that time is coming to an end. I am gearing up to head back to Indiana, and while I cannot wait for this next chapter in my life, I will miss this amazing city and the wonderful, charming, Southern people I have met here. But more on that later this week...

While the seasons have pretty much transitioned straight from winter to summer here in South Carolina, I know to prepare for some slightly more...unpredictable...weather in Indiana. And if there is one thing that is somewhat predictable about spring in the Midwest, it's rain. So when I saw a girl at the Cooper River Bridge Run wearing the Lululemon jacket pictured below, I displayed no shame in walking right up to her asking when she bought it. To my delight, she replied "just the other day." So to Lulu I went, and walked out with my favorite little navy jacket. It just so happens to pair perfectly with my Lo & Sons OMG bag (a blogger favorite, this is literally the best bag I have ever traveled with). So I now have an easy, waterproof, comfortable outfit for traveling and bopping around Indiana this spring. 

Check out the styles above for a few more (very practical) spring jackets.

featured // 1) Madewell // 2) J.Crew // 3) John Lewis // 4) John Lewis // 5) The North Face // 6) T by Alexander Wang // 7) Madewell

wearing // jacket: Lululemon (not available online, but purchased recently!) // bag: Lo & Sons // shoes: Vans for Madewell (no longer available) // leggings: Lululemon // hat: Vineyard Vines // sunglasses: Ray-Ban

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