Thursday, February 26, 2015

Alice + Olivia

Every once in a while, you have to do something for yourself that you wouldn't normally do. Eat a Big Mac, get a massage, take a personal day. Not only does it feel good to change things up, but it's crucial to celebrate you - in whatever way makes you happy. I try to do little things every once in a while to quietly celebrate little personal accomplishments. Maybe it's as simple as grabbing a skinny vanilla latte on a Friday morning instead of brewing coffee at home. But some days, the treat is a little...fancier. While shopping the other day, I spotted these amazing Alice + Olivia pants, and I knew they would be my spring season treat to myself. 

Now, it's also important to have some self-control. I tried these on with a great sheer crop top, but after committing to the pants, I opted for a slightly less-amaze Forever 21 top instead. I feel so fortunate that my hard work over the years has paid off and allowed me to secure a great job that affords me the opportunity to occasionally spoil myself. It makes me so proud of myself to be able to grab a little treat now and again - whether it's at Saks or Starbucks. I hope you do the same.

Photography: Katie Fiedler

Wearing // pants: Alice + Olivia // top: Forever 21 // bag: Chanel // sunglasses: Ray Ban // lipstick: NARS "Bette"
 seven styles 
I definitely have a weakness for great Alice + Olivia pieces (see one of my favorite skirts here and here). Check out 7 other coveted styles here:


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