Friday, December 26, 2014

Year-long Gift Guide: The Work-aholic

Gifts for the Work-aholic

We all love taking time off for the holiday season...but we also all know someone who can never quite seem to put down her iPhone for fear of missing an email or text from work. These little gifts might add a little fun to your friend's daily grind. Cute coffee mugs, desk accessories, and travel items will surely brighten her day.

 seven styles
Featured // coffee mug: // travel phone charger: // designer pen/stylus: Henri Bendel (because who doesn't need one of these?!) // iPad case (for the verrrrry special girl): Valentino // cosmetic case (fill this will all of the things she might need during a long day: nail file, floss, tampons, mints, tylenol, lip gloss, nail clippers -- it will definitely come in handy!): Tory Burch // desk clock: Kate Spade // paperweight: Indigo

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