Monday, December 1, 2014

tis the season

Happy December! As someone who vows to only celebrate one holiday at a time, I had to wait for Thanksgiving to pass in order to fully get into the holiday spirit. But on November 28, I brought out my grandmother's crystal candy dish, filled it with red and green M&Ms, played some Christmas music, and baked cookies. It was a perfect evening, just Ruby and me.

Now that it's officially December, I just wanted to take a quick moment to wish you a wonderful holiday season and to sincerely thank you for following along with my little blog. This time of year is perfect for celebrations, and I wish you the best as you celebrate all the wonderful things going on in your life. Enjoy the last month of 2014, reflecting on all of the amazing things that this year brought to you. Hold on to that feeling throughout 2015 and make it your best year yet. Cheers to a beautiful future ahead.

Photo credit: Nina Skubiak, driving through Indiana roads last winter

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