Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year, Old Friend

I cannot believe 2014 has come to a close. It has been an wonderful year. I graduated with my MBA, started dating an amazing guy (woot woot Jon Ryan!), got my little peanut puppy Ruby Louise, moved to South Carolina, started a new job, and got to end the year celebrating the holidays with my sisters and mom and dad. This year has made me feel lucky to take advantage of professional opportunities, and also incredibly lucky to have such wonderful people in my personal life. 

One of the wonderful people who has been a mainstay in my life for over ten years is my dear friend, Ruthanne. She came down to South Carolina at the end of December to spend a few days at her family's home on Sullivan's Island. We had a blast bopping around Charleston, eating great food and sharing a LOT of laughs. We took advantage of a sunny afternoon with my girl, Katie, to share our thoughts about this past year and toast to 2015. The Park Cafe in Charleston provided the perfect atmosphere to think about a fresh start to the new year. The crisp white furniture, beautiful accent walls, and warm lighting made us feel cozy and comfortable. And the food was literally amazing. Literally. We decided to share a few appetizers (house ricotta, baked crab dip, and field pea hummus), but I am dying to go back to try the brunch menu. There are so many delicious places to eat in Charleston, but I would definitely add Park Cafe near the top of any list.

You see, even though there has been so much throughout 2014 to celebrate, Ruthanne and I both faced some difficult situations. Both of our lives were a bit shaken over the past year or so, and we found a lot of comfort and solace knowing that we each had each other to reach out to in times of need. Even though I look at Ruthanne and see the same fun-loving, smart, beautiful person I met in middle school, I know that Ruthanne has spent some time this year trying to see that person for herself. And I feel as though she would say something similar about me. This has been a major year for self-discovery, finding strength and mindfulness, and focusing on what is present rather than what's missing. 

I could not be more grateful for this year's journey and there is no place I would rather be than right where I am. I truly believe that everything happens for a reason and that by going through difficult times, we end up stronger and more enlightened on the other side. Neither Ruthanne nor I had big plans for New Year's resolutions - just continuing to do what we have been doing all along: trying to be the most grateful, appreciative, kindest versions of ourselves...the beautiful girls that deep down we both know we are.

I wish you a wonderful 2015 filled with love, kindness, appreciation, and blessings. Strive to find the beauty in each and every single day of the year. 

All my best,

Abby's wearing // sweater: Rebecca Taylor (similar here) // scarf: Banana Republic (not available online, similar here) // jeans: Madewell // jewelry: David Yurman

Ruthanne's wearing // top: Banana Republic

Photography: Katie Fiedler 


  1. It is so nice having friends like that. My best friends are still back in TX and have yet to come out to Charleston. I definitely miss having them around! Also, I am dying to go to Park Cafe!!!!

    1. It's so nice to spend some quality time together whenever we can make it to the same city. I am still trying to get a few of my friends to come down here as well! And definitely try Park Cafe - it's such a cute spot! Thanks for reading along xx


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