Thursday, December 18, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide: The Dog Lover

Gifts for Dog Lovers

I am pretty type-A. I plan. I organize. I prepare...except when it comes to Christmas shopping. For some reason, every year, December 25th creeps up on me and I am spending the weekend before the holiday shopping and wrapping. No surprise that I'm in that situation again this year. Chances are that some of you are facing the same dilemma. So I have a few last-minute gift ideas to share over the next week. And hey, worst case scenario, you send a nice little "Happy 2015" package. Presents on December 25? Totally predictable. Presents on January 3rd? A nice little surprise. 

Happy shopping!

 seven styles
Featured // dog leash holder: Harry Barker // dog bone ornament: Mackenzie-Childs // dog mug: Creative Index // Frenchie dish: C. Wonder // dog bookends: Home Decorators Collection // Yorkie umbrella: the San Francisco Umbrella Company // holiday gift bucket: Harry Barker

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