Sunday, April 6, 2014

Easy Bedroom Update

In my last few weeks of grad school, things have been a little hectic, and I have been a teeny bit MIA! I'm super excited about some new posts that are on the way, but for now I wanted to share a quick update that I did to my bedroom this weekend. 

Whenever I browse in Anthropologie, I always take a peek at the cute drawer knobs. But for upwards of $10 each, I have never committed to buying enough to dress up my bedroom furniture. This weekend after running into Hobby Lobby for a quick errand, I came across an entire aisle of cute knobs in all different colors. And they cost less than half of what Anthro charges! (see all styles here). If you're a twenty-something girl living in an apartment, I'm sure you're familiar with the IKEA Hemnes collection. The knobs are so easy to un-screw and change out. And since my living room is decorated in more muted tones, I like to add a little color in my bedroom. I couldn't resist mixing and matching different colors, but it would look so chic to do all one style. When I finally grow up and have the funds to re-decorate my bedroom, I'm looking forward to cool greys and light blues. But today, on a sunny afternoon in Bloomington, spending time in my colorful bedroom was just what I needed to recharge before another busy week of class.

Seven great sites for this easy update: Anthropologie (for those of you not on a grad student budget), World Market, Etsy, Bonanza, Pottery Barn, Mackenzie-Childs (even further out of my budget, but so beautiful I couldn't resist), Pier 1


  1. I have a sick obsession with knobs. Why are they so much fun?! It's incredible how they can completely transform a room or piece of furniture. Love how you mixed and matched!

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