Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday Favorites: Lips

Friday nights are perfect for so many things: dinner with friends, big glasses of wine at home (actually any night is good for that), date nights, cocktail parties...and after toning down my makeup for class all week, Fridays are also perfect for bright, bold lips. I'm not much of a makeup girl - I have been known to spend twice as much time figuring out what to wear as I do fixing my makeup and hair - but lately I have been mixing up my beauty routine by experimenting with different lip colors. Out of all the products I have recently tried (both drugstore and department store brands), these NARS lip pencils are by far my favorite. They act as both a liner and a filler and are so easy to apply. I have quickly become addicted and have a hard time passing the makeup counter without snagging another. See all colors (both glossy and matte) here. My seven favorite shades? Never Say Never, Damned, Yu, Majella, Luxembourg, Cruella, Dragon Girl.

Featured (from top) // Never Say Never (velvet matte) //  Yu (satin) // Damned (velvet matte) // Majella (satin)

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